Ok, so after a little hiatus, I am back.  It is probably in my best interests
to put something on this page since I just got a mysterious phone call from a
deceptively dim-sounding individual calling from the 310 area code, which maps
to Catalina Island and the Malibu area of California.  I absolutely refuse to
believe that anyone located in that spec of the planet would be unaware of the
fact that LucasFilm owns the trademark on the Deathstar.  So for the
completeness of your records, yes, I am fully aware that LucasLegal or LucasFilm
or whatever does in fact own the trademark to "Deathstar".  However, that does
not mean that they automatically get the domain "".  If I set up a
site that confuses their brand or tries to make a buck off of the years of hard
work that LucasEntity has done establishing the concept of a Deathstar in our
collective sci-fi loving brains, then of course, by all means they are entitled
to wrest this little domain name from my disappoitned little hands.

That said, it also needs to be stated that I DO NOT, HAVE NOT and WILL NOT
offer or provide ANY kind of commercial or otherwise money-making service in
relation to this domain name.

"What do I use it for" you ask?  Personal sh*ts and giggles.  I am a geek.  I
love Star Wars.  And however I may feel about subsequent installments of the
franchise, there is always a place in my heart for white plastic uniforms that
would give Freud a field day, and the phrase "That's no moon!  It's a space

"Yes, but what do I *USE* it for" you insist on asking?  I use it for tuning my
anti-spam filters.  This domain generates incredibly HUGE quantities of email.
It would seem that everyone uses "vader at" as a product
registration address.  Or they want to test the functioning of their email
sending program.  There is an adult-content portal software package that used URLs during their development phase and didn't remove all
occurrences of that address before going into production.  My web referer logs
were a fun read for a bit...

If you are wanting a piece of the "" action, too late.  I
registered this domain in July 1995 and I don't intend to get rid of it any time
soon.  I have been contacted by LucasLegal in the past, although that was around
ten years ago.  The tinfoil hat wearing paranoiac in me thinks the phone call
that has prompted the page you are reading was an initial "discovery salvo" by
some junior lawyer or some other equally low-ranking cube-dweller.  Stay tuned
for how this unfolds.

  -- Jason, 20080820